Feature List

Seamless integration to Viewpoint Spectrum

Web Based

Construction Project Management

High Performance Grid Interface

  • Adjust Column Widths
  • Adjust column order
  • Turn columns on/off
  • Multiple Column Sort
  • Unlimited Grouping Levels with Summary Data at each level
  • Save Views
  • Create Public/private views

Build Unlimited Master Phase Code Structures

  • Manage Master Phase or Cost Code structures (Add, Delete, Copy)
  • Easily assign a master structure to a job
  • Give phase code segments descriptive names (Building, Floor, Area, System, Task)
  • Define descriptions for all your phase code segments (Floor 1, Floor 2, Area 1, Area 2)
  • Modify segment descriptions by job
Construction Project Management

Role Based Permissions

  • Turn menu permissions on/off by role
  • Restrict access to jobs assigned to people
  • Restrict access to data export functions
  • Restrict access to create views
  • Restrict access to show/hide columns

Simple User Setup

  • Select an existing employee and activate them as a user
  • Temporarily disable a user
  • Track last sign in date/time by user
  • Auto disable user sign in based on employee status.
  • Add unlimited people to a project.

Company Settings

  • Set week ending day of the week
  • Set date format
  • Set projected threshold
  • Set grid theme

Import Data

  • Direct connection to construction software system
  • Import job masters
  • Import phase codes including current estimate, job-to-date hours
  • Import employees
  • Maintain history of imports and import status
  • Notify users after successful completion of import
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Construction Project Management

Columns Available on the Job Screen

  • Phase code (or cost code)
  • Phase description
  • Segment descriptions for phase code segments (up to 9), configured for the job.
  • Estimated hours
  • Percent complete (entry field)
  • JTD Hours
  • Earned Hours (Estimated hours x percent complete)
  • Earned Hours Over (Under)
  • Percent of Estimate
  • Hours Remaining in Budget
  • Actual/Earned ratio
  • Projected at Complete (entry field)
  • Projected to Complete (entry field)
  • Projected Over (Under)
  • Hours This Period
  • Estimated Quantity
  • JTD Quantity
  • UOM
  • Phase Status (Active/Inactive)

Columns Available on the Summary Screen

  • Job Number and Name
  • Job Number
  • Job Description
  • Division
  • Project Manager
  • Superintendent
  • Estimator
  • Estimated Qty
  • JTD Qty
  • Estimated Hours
  • Percent Complete
  • Earned Hours
  • JTD Hours
  • Earned Hours Over (Under)
  • Percent of Estimate
  • Estimated Hours Remaining
  • Actual/Earned
  • Projected at Complete
  • Projected to Complete
  • Projected Over (Under)
  • Hours This Period
  • City
  • State
  • Status
  • Cost Center
  • Date Imported
  • Max Entry Date
Construction Project Management

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