Resource Planning

The right people on the right jobs.

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Know Your Resources

Interactive resource loading for every job that gives you the average number of people required for each major workgroup over the duration of the job.

This gives the foreman a guide for setting his crew size for the job.

All the scheduling is captured based on “days after start”, or “days before finish”.  This means any changes to the overall job start/finish dates will automatically recalculate the resource loading requirements. 

This grid is based on live data, so as the job progresses it is continually recalculating the resource requirements to complete the job on time.

No more managing dates.

The projection system accounts for your average number of holidays and the number of hours in your normal work week.

Roll It Up

See the entire resource requirements for the business.

Group or filter it by union code, work group, state or any other criteria to see the picture you want.

Have a few favorite ways of organizing the resource loading?  Give them a name, and save them as views.  Next time you return they are one click away.

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