About Us


Ray Smalley, the company president has many years experience operating a construction business.  He has developed and implemented many leading edge techniques that have resulted in a smoother and more consistently running business.

Now he is leading the way applying technology to these methods focused on the foreman in the field…where the real decisions are made.

Construction profits are won and lost in the field. 


Vinita Bhandari – Architect

Hi, I’m Vinita Bhandari an experienced software developer accumulated over many complex projects.  I am always learning and love to tackle new and exciting challenges. I love my work and always give my best.


Gaurav Jhaldiyal – User Interface Design

Hi, I’m Gaurav Jhaldiyal, a passionate and experienced software developer in front end web application technologies. I’m an avid sports enthusiast having a keen interest, especially in Cricket. I’m a voracious reader having an interest in different domains ranging from Engineering to Humanities.


Akash Panwar – User Experience

Hi, I’m Akash Panwar and I am an experienced software tester. I enjoy using my skills to ensure users have a smooth and trouble-free experience with the application.   I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. My goal is to build a successful career as a User Experience Tester, which can help my company and me personally.

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